Culture At Our Core

Think of our team as an extension of yours, we share your goals, vision and values that prioritize community’s needs, safety and experience at all times. We institute team structures, customized to your facilities size and specifications to provide you with technical expertise, dedicated experience and consistent support required. With quality and compliance top of mind, our on-site team is designed to act as a network of resources that is fully supported by a regional organization. Each member of the team is responsible for specific areas that pertain to the delivery of services, training, compliance and innovation. 

Coreworks Team

Richard Schenkel
Richard SchenkelPresident and CEO
Minit Gupta
Minit GuptaChief Financial Officer
Janet DePiero
Janet DePieroChief People Officer
Daniel Natterman
Daniel NattermanChief Growth Officer
 Chris Stainton
Chris StaintonVP, Supply Chain
Stephanie Masiello
Stephanie MasielloVP, Legal
John Sidorakis
John SidorakisSr Dir, Operational Excellence
Bryan Foy
Bryan FoySenior Vice President

Core Excellence Training

Our people are the foundation of a successful partnership with you. Through our award-winning and robust training continuum, both managers and frontline team members receive extensive professional and personal development opportunities. We offer educational resources, free-training curriculum and professional certifications to further their careers and provide high quality support. Without the support of an inspired, confident and culturally-aligned team we would not be delivering on our core service excellence.


When our teams succeed, we succeed. As a people facing organization we understand that customer service is sovereign. Our teams are hired with these core characteristics in mind, developed to instill our values and motivated to achieve universal success.


The onboarding process is essential for managerial success, and it is the first step in the training process. Guided by our Onboarding Checklist, managers and supervisors receive training in every aspect of our business and must have the specific department trainer or manager sign off on completion.


Corework’s performance management strategy begins with  individual development plans within the first 30 days of their employment. These plans are designed around specific areas of personal and professional development, with a mentor assigned to new team member to monitor and support their progression throughout the development process.

Core Engagement

Our teams represent the face of our organization, and directly deliver on our promise of premier customer service. Therefore we hire the best, develop their skills and maximize their talents to fulfill their individual aspirations and to the benefit of our larger organization. We apply our principals of trust, respect and integrity universally and foster an environment in which diversity is valued and quality of life is enhanced. Our core commitment remains — in all that we do, energized by all, there is an opportunity and commitment towards a premier hospitality experience.


Our teams utilize Emerald Standards, Core Service Training and Core Engagement Philosophies to deliver on satisfaction drivers. All our resources come together to support the pursuit of delivering best in class support services in tandem with premier customer service.


We recognize our teams internally through our weekly employee spotlight and in our daily connect calls. We reward teams with compensation drivers for high performance. We motivate our team members by thanking them for their unwavering efforts and commitment to best-in-class support services.


Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction and we use the following means to monitor and ensure customer satisfaction. The tools we utilize in our dining business and will utilize with our customers, ensure that we are not only measuring customer satisfaction, we are making the feedback actionable.