Support Service Innovations: Electrostatic Spraying

What is Electrostatic Spraying? Why Is It Important in a Covid-19 Sanitation Protocol?

Coreworks, a leading provider of support services, was founded in response to the changing needs of senior living, behavioral health and healthcare industries calling for enhanced attention to infection control, tech-integrated quality control and high-level regulatory compliance. At Coreworks we maintain an exclusive focus on environmental cleaning and support services with a purpose-driven mission to distinctively elevate housekeeping, laundry and plant operations into a hospitality experience. We utilize exhaustive cleaning protocols, with safe and sustainable EPA registered List N disinfectants, regularly sanitize high-touch areas and harness industry-leading innovations to maintain the health and viability of our teams and the communities they serve.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to surge across The United States it’s clear that heightened attention to hygiene, disinfection and sanitizing practices will remain paramount. Having the support of an experienced support services provider means focused operational results, better regulatory outcomes and increased efficiency targeted to stabilizing your facility’s bottom line and allowing you to pivot your focus back to the constituents you serve.

Our Coreworks Clean Pledge represents our longstanding commitment to harnessing every innovation, specialized product and cutting-edge solution to deliver a safe, sanitary and secure environment. We are driven to instill the values of sanitation, cleanliness and a hygienic environment in all our teams. We consistently evaluate the marketplace for new, more effective and efficient innovations, positioning Coreworks as a proactive environmental services steward.

Under this promise, Coreworks was the first support service provider to leverage electrostatic spraying technology with safe and sustainable EPA registered List N disinfectants to combat harmful bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. Our internal supply chain team reviews equipment performance benchmarks to secure the top-of-line electrostatic spraying technology from Victory Innovations. Victory’s technology is best-in-class, patented and guarantees over 2,800 square feet of coverage on a single tank of fluid – making it effective, low-cost and sustainable. These cordless, portable and easy to use sprayers promote minimal downtime, saving your facility labor dollars as well as reducing chemical expense.

Electrostatic spraying entered the marketplace in the 1930’s as an avenue for increased square footage disposition.  The equipment became popularized in the 1940’s in the auto industry and again in the 1980’s in the agriculture industry with the development of pesticides. In present day these apparatus are featured predominantly in the cleaning industry as a thorough and state-of-the-art way to envelop all surfaces, sanitize and disinfect with accuracy and compliance.

But how does it work? In short – electrostatic spraying works by applying a positive electric charge to a liquid as the fluid passes through a nozzle. These charged droplets repel one another causing a 360-degree coating produced by the negative charge of the sprayed solution contrasted with the positive charge of the surface it reaches.

Why do we use it? What makes electrostatic spraying unique is its high impact disinfection capabilities.

  • This technology is highly effective at eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, Influenza and MRSA.
  • The application process eliminates chemical overuse and in turn reduces waste.
  • Thorough cleaning procedures reduces incidences of contagious healthcare infections.
  • Up to 10x efficiency in cleaning protocols, reduces time-input significantly when compared to traditional cleaning methods.
  • Quick kill-time when compared to traditional methods which need five to ten minutes to effectively disinfect.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the desire for a safe and secure environment will remain well into 2021. With customers increasingly anxious and cognizant of an organization’s cleaning and hygiene practices, demonstrating a commitment to employee and customer wellbeing reduces undue panic. In a study by 4M electrostatic spraying disinfection proved to be the most efficient method of cleaning, taking between one to five minutes to kill 99.99% of all pathogens.

Further evaluation by The National Institute of Health in March of 2020, and led by Dr. Vincent Munster, found that COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for multiple days. Therefore, lessening consumer’s anxieties surrounding germ transmission with thorough disinfection and heightened protocols is more important than ever to maintain occupancy and demand.

Aligned to Coreworks core competencies is our ability to deliver on the safety, security and comfort of our clientele. By implementing electrostatic spraying into our arsenal of best practices, we ensure a higher level of sanitation – benefiting both the communities we serve and the teams that serve them, which is sovereign to our organization.

To learn more about how Coreworks can implement innovative sanitation and environmental services technology – including electrostatic spraying – at your facility and help solve for other support services issues please visit our website  here.


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