Coreworks, a leading provider of support services, was founded in response to the changing needs of senior living, behavioral health and healthcare industries calling for enhanced attention to infection control, tech-integrated quality control and high-level regulatory compliance. At Coreworks we maintain an exclusive focus on environmental cleaning and support services with a purpose-driven mission to distinctively elevate housekeeping, laundry and plant operations into a hospitality experience. We utilize exhaustive cleaning protocols, with safe and sustainable EPA registered List N disinfectants, regularly sanitize high-touch areas and harness industry-leading innovations to maintain the health and viability of our teams and the communities they serve.

More than a year after COVID-19 entered daily discussions, the world is still grappling with the pandemic and its effects. With new strains popping up in corners of the globe, it’s clear that we may never be able to fully eradicate the virus. This ominous threat relies on organizations like ours to continue to step up and protect vulnerable communities — maintaining health, viability and wellness through enhanced sanitation protocols and acute attention to disinfection control into the long-term future.

Undoubtedly COVID-19 has created a need for specialized sanitation, safety protocols and elevated regulatory compliance beyond traditional cleaning methods. Such efforts to mitigate risk go beyond prevention. Administrators must now ask; “How can we contain the spread? How can we maintain the health of our patients, residents and customers in tandem with that of our teams? Are we prepared to allot the resources to stopping the spread?”  The added commitment of an experienced support services provider can lift the burden of infection prevention – giving valuable time and effort back to executives who also need to solve for business, wellness and census priorities.

Corework’s value proposition is based on uncompromised environmental standards designed to deliver polished experiences through flexible solutions. Our “Coreworks Clean” philosophies are a collection of intentional actions that eradicate transmission risk and secure environments via thorough high-level disinfection and visible sanitizing to reduce population anxiety. Our teams exclusively utilize EPA-approved products that are proven effective by the American Chemistry Council Center to kill viral pathogens including COVID-19.

Some of the many procedures we follow to ensure the health and viability of our partnered facilities include:

  • Rooms occupied with a confirmed COVID-19 case maintain a 24 hour waiting period between disinfection measures.
  • Level 3 Cleaning: a combination of friction based cleaning, disinfection with EPA approved chemicals, HVAC cleaning and electrostatic spraying for complete coverage of walls, horizontal services and floors.
  • Proper utilization of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks, disposable gowns and face shields during any sanitation and disinfection protocol.
  • Preventative and regular cleaning of all high-touch surfaces such as tables, doorknobs and light switches.
  • Disinfection only with EPA N-List approved chemicals for SARS-CoV-2.
  • Proper disposal of hazardous waste and bodily fluids.

The collection of these measures acts to prevent spread, limit contact and ultimately — return your facility back to a COVID-19 free environment. It’s clear that COVID-19 despite the development of vaccines is here to stay, bringing heightened mistrust from consumers in the safety of environments. Having the support of an experienced service provider with a customer centric communication platform makes all the difference in easing consumer concerns. Coreworks’ acts to ensure all safety measures are carried out with compliance, efficiency and effectiveness.

To learn more about how Coreworks can implement innovative sanitation and disinfection protocols at your facility to mitigate risk for the long term future, visit us here.