Smart Technology – CoreWorx Hub

Under our technological integration initiatives we harness customized work loading, feedback surveys, mock audits, infection prevention procedures and time tracking as an avenue for greater operational efficiency.

One of the largest challenges in managing environmental services in senior living communities is dealing with unexpected problems. Whether it’s a team member not showing up for their shift or an urgent room turn, there’s always a surprise that throws a wrench into any well-planned schedule. Coreworks employs and implements CoreWorx Hub in all of our communities– a comprehensive web-based solution that allows us to take control of all aspects of your environmental services needs.


  • Continuity – Template response procedures for infection control.
  • Scheduling – Instantly view staff availability with a user-friendly interface that sends reminders for overdue scheduled tasks.
  • Customized Services – Identify resident preferences to build customized housekeeping schedules.
  • Instant Visibility – Dashboard interfaces convey exactly what’s going on in your community, from pending requests to incomplete work.
  • Data Capture – Capture critical meter readings to ensure resident safety.
  • Time Tracking – Justify time spent and maintain accurate records with the built-in job timer.
  • Remote Work – Get new work assignments immediately while in the field. Look up work details, safety notes, completion details, upload photos, log time and mark tasks as completed.
  • Resident Feedback – Determine resident feedback on department performance such as housekeeping, maintenance and transportation.
  • Team Member Performance – Objectively evaluate employee performance by using checklists/pass-fail surveys on a mobile device.
  • Compliance – Remain compliant with safety and health regulations and track preparedness via survey audits.
  • Reporting – View detailed graphs and reports to compare team member performance, identify training needs and determine overtime needs.

A Better Resident Experience

From documenting resident preferences to faster response times, improved communication, streamlined transportation and hassle-free room bookings, our technology software ensures we deliver a best-in-class resident experience.

Foster Better Communication

From one-step work order requests to intuitive event planning, Coreworks improves communication between team members and residents.

Ensure Compliance

We keep everything on your radar with our easy-to-use survey and inspection tools and digital record keeping, so you stay compliant with the NFPA Life Safety Code, CMS and more.

Confidently manage your regulatory compliance

Coreworks create a safe and healthy environment for your senior living residents. With our web-based, mobile software designed specifically for senior living operations management, we can ensure compliance with life safety, NFPA and CMS standards.

  • Know when to do what compliance-related tasks and track using any mobile device
  • Improve communication between safety committees and maintenance
  • Access digital procedures at your fingertips to help you do the right work
  • Prove your compliance with documentation of what’s been done
  • Ensure use of updated compliance codes (NFPA and CMS)

We deliver the senior living operations tools you need to better serve your residents

Our user-friendly solutions are designed specifically for your day-to-day needs, helping you meet your goals and improve resident service — all at the same time.

About Coreworks

Coreworks provides clients and their clientele with facility support service– housekeeping, laundry, plant operations, maintenance, transportation, and security – that uphold a distinctive level of service and hospitality culture. Our integrated service models harness every innovation, specialized product, and cutting-edge solution to deliver on a safe, secure, and elevated environment. Reinforced by our rigorous systems and standards to ensure the highest level of consistency, efficiency, and compliance. At the heart of it, we’re solution builders, with a focus on the evolving environment of care and backed by deep expertise and vast perspective.

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